Weight Management Program with Tirzepatide

Weight Management Program with Tirzepatide

Tirzepatide New Offers

Only $449 Per Month

Tirzepatide promotes weight loss. It may also be used to maintain weight loss. It works by decreasing appetite. Improvements to diet and exercise are often combined with this medication. This medication is injected under the skin. You should see your weight loss care provider for regular checks on your progress.

Medically Supervised Tirzepatide Weight Loss

Minimum Three Months Program for $1196

April Promo: $151 Off

Total cost of the three month program with discount: $1,347 $1,196

  • 84 Days of Tirzepatide Injections
  • Free Vitamin B12 Weight Loss Injection
  • Blood Work
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Healthy Nutrition Review
  • Simple Exercise Regime
  • Tirzepatide is FDA cleared for Weight Loss, all programs are contingent on medical approval following a medical evaluation
  • $179 Initial Medical Provider Appointment with Blood Work + Health Coaching + Body Measurements + Body Composition Scale

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Tirzepatide FAQ

The initial tirzepatide in-office consultations are $179 and include a medical provider physical, body composition tests, body measurements, dietitian evaluation and blood work.

$449 per month for up to 12.5 mg per week as medically appropriate.

The 84 days of the medication costs only $1,347 $1,196 paid in full.

Price per injection:

  • 2.5 MG $119
  • 5.0 MG $169
  • 7.5 MG $229
  • 10 MG $299
  • 12.5 MG $379
  • 15.0 MG $429

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