Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy

Restore Scar Therapy

Getting rid of those unappealing scars and stretch marks

Restore Silicone Gel is a unique topical anhydrous silicone base that can be used alone or with various actives for potential use in formulations. The only compounding base designed for scars and other skin conditions, Restore Silicone Gel is an ideal choice for use on all types of scar tissue, or any skin conditions that would benefit from barrier protection.

Creators have infused unique ingredients and technology into Restore Silicone Gel, giving it potential healing and soothing power, emolliency and mild penetration.

Restore Silicone Gel may be used after surgery or an injury, with the hope of reducing inflammation and the buildup of scar tissue. It also may be used on stretch marks, which can form with sudden weight gain or loss, when young people grow quickly during puberty, or with pregnancy. Drugs can be added to Restore Silicone Gel to help with different types of pain/injury caused by scar tissue that has formed over a period of time.

  • Made with Pracaxi oil derived from the seed of the Pracaxi Tree found in the Amazon rainforest
  • Pracaxi oil contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties

Restore Silicone Gel is idea for all kinds of scars, and may be used on:

  • New scars
  • Old scars
  • Surgical Scars
  • Keloids
  • Stretch marks (from pregnancy or growth)
  • Acne scars
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis
  • and more!

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Case Description:

A 5-month-old infant was severely scalded with a liquid on the face resulting in a major second degree burn. Following the incident, Restore Silicone Gel was advised to be applied twice daily, in addition to a sterile bacitracin ointment. After eight days, there was a considerable progress of the infant’s facial burn, as shown in the figures below.

Case Study #2

Case Description:

3rd degree burn on man’s neck. Images refect Day 1 and Day 21 after using Restore Silicone Gel.

Case Study #3

Case Description:

Basil-cell carcinoma post-surgical scar. Images are taken on day 1, day 60, and 11months after using Restore Silicone Gel.

Custom Compounded Scar Creams

Our compounding pharmacy can combine several different medications into a customized cream that may be able to work locally to minimize the appearance of scars.

We’ll work with you to find the formula that works best for each individual patient.

Commonly Requested Combinations to Restore Silicone Gel

  • Caffeine – To induce differentiation and proliferation in epidermal keratinocytes
  • Collagenase – Reduces collagen production
  • EGCg – Antioxidant
  • Ketamine – Pain Relief
  • Ketoprofen – Reduces Inflammation
  • Levocetirizine – Suppresses stimulation in keloid strains, Suppresses collagen synthesis of fibroblasts
  • Lidocaine – Pain Relief
  • Pentoxifylline – Decreases collagen production, increases activity of collagenase in dermis, inhibits fibroblast hyperactivity
  • Salicylic Acid – Decreases Inflammation
  • Tamoxifen – Decreases estrogen dependent collagen production
  • Tranilast – Anti-allergic agent that blocks the release of chemical mediators, such as histamine and leukotrienes, from mast cells
  • Verapamil – Decreases calcium channel dependent collage production


Yes, but Spira-Wash™ Gel is the preferred wound base.

Since it is an anhydrous silicone gel, it does not wash off easily. This increases wear time and barrier protection potential.

Restore Silicone Gel contains over 50% silicones. It is a low viscosity elastomer dispersion network that offers and exceptional feel during application. The Restore Silicone Gel copolymer network employs a polymerization chemistry that differs from the traditional silicone structurants.

There should not be any problem using Restore Silicone Gel during pregnancy. However, it is not designated as “pregnancy safe,” since testing has not been done to prove the safety of Restore Silicone Gel during pregnancy.

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