What Are Orthobiologics?

What Are Orthobiologics? Minimally Invasive Cellular and Acellular Therapies for Joint Injuries and Arthritis

Orthobiologics Introduction

Orthobiologics in West Palm Beach are natural substances such as cells, tissue, blood components and growth factors that are harnessed to aid in the treatment of orthopedic injuries or conditions. They may be used to replace lost tissue, stimulate regeneration and healing, reduce pain and inflammation and improve joint function.

Orthobiologics injectable therapies for the musculoskeletal system may be obtained from your own body or from a donor. They may be administered in the form of injections. They may be used alone as conservative treatment or following orthopedic surgery to enhance results. Orthobiologics are sometimes called cellular regenerative therapy.

What Are the Conditions Treated by Orthobiologics?

Orthobiologics in West Palm Beach can be used to treat:

  • Articular cartilage injuries
  • Osteoarthritis stages 1 through mild 3
  • Ligament injuries
  • Tendon injuries

When Are Orthobiologics Recommended?

Orthobiologics are recommended when rest, medications and physical therapy do not relieve symptoms and joint surgery or replacement is not an option. It may also be recommended following spine or joint surgery.

Types of Orthobiologics
The different types of orthobiologics we use in our clinic West Palm Beach include:

Obtained from your own blood after it has been processed to concentrate platelets and certain white blood cells that enhance healing and reduce inflammation. PRP/PRF may be injected directly into the damaged joint during an outpatient procedure or following repair surgery.

Derived from the umbilical cord tissue layer of Wharton’s Jelly. Wharton’s Jelly is a gelatinous tissue that provides structural support, growth factors (GFs), and extracellular vesicles essential to fetal and maternal health. The number of growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, cellular components, and extracellular vesicles is higher in Wharton’s Jelly compared to other biologics. These components aid in strength, flexibility, cushioning, covering, compressibility, and response to friction in the body. It also plays a vital role in reducing inflammation. The Wharton’s Jelly products come in minimally manipulated and component-isolated forms that can be chosen for specific types of joint problems.

Cytosomes are small, membrane-bound extracellular vesicles released by the developing fetus, placenta, and mother into the amniotic fluid. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) primarily act in cell-to-cell communication, assisting in the natural regenerative process. The amniotic fluid where our cytosomes are sourced is twice sterile filtered, which maintains the biological integrity of RNAs, ensuring the highest quality product. Cytosomes are the great communicators in the body. When cells signal, they use EVs to package and transmit the messages. Cytosomes serve various functions within a clinical setting, including:

  • Tissue Regeneration & Wound Healing
  • Vascular & Angiogenesis
  • Antimicrobial Activity
  • Stem and Progenitor Cell Activation
  • Immune Modulation
  • Neuroprotection

Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicles similar to Cytosomes except they come from placental stem cells and are considered a more potent and complete treatment modality for reducing inflammation, wound healing and tissue regeneration.

More Information

Understanding Why Regenerative Medicine is the Future in Orthopedic Care Regenerative Orthopedic Therapy

In the United States of America alone, there are currently tens of thousands of patients on the waiting list for various joint surgeries and a good chunk of these are elderly citizens. This is no surprise as aging has been found to increase the occurrence of chronic diseases and injuries.

At Vista Wellness, with the growing strain from a drastically aging population and an increased criticism on the effectiveness of existing surgical procedures; more people are turning to ‘regenerative medicine’ as an effective alternative.

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary branch of the medical practice that employs safe, comfortable, and sterile techniques to harness and optimize the body’s natural healing response with the aim of restoring (repairing or regenerating) tissues and organs damaged by chronic diseases, aging, or congenital defects.

From a host of alternatives, the latest technique for regenerative medicine use umbilical cord, amniotic and mesenchymal stem cell derived components for building up and restoring tissues.

Understanding How Regenerative Medicine Works

To detoxify the patient’s body and optimize the impact of the regenerative therapy, it is recommended that an IV Vitamin therapy is performed prior to the regenerative medical procedure.

The basic procedure for orthobiologics treatments begins with selecting the orthobiologics product components suited for the patient. Some of the currently employed in regenerative medicine are classified based on their sources as peripheral blood-derived, umbilical, placental, bone marrow-derived, and Mesenchymal-derived stem cells.

A combination of cellular/acellular products and the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is administered to the targeted tissue area, with local anesthesia. The entire injection procedure usually takes less than an hour, and with the administration of local anesthesia, the patient can be awake throughout the comfortable and safe procedure, and would be ready to discharge immediately it is completed.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy for Chronic Diseases, Injuries and Joint Pain

In current medical practice, various types of cellular therapy have been employed to replace or supplement major surgical operations in the treatment of chronic disease. The cellular therapy regenerates the damaged organs or tissues by fostering the body’s natural healing mechanism.

The cellular therapy can handle a broad range of defects including degenerated or herniated discs, chronic joint disease, muscle sprains and tears, sport-related meniscus, ligaments, tendon injury, joint and spinal injuries, arthritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica.

Depending on the organ or tissue targeted by the regenerative medical procedure, some of the most common forms of cellular treatment include cellular spinal therapy, cellular shoulder therapy, cellular disk therapy, cellular joint therapy, and the cellular knee therapy.

Regenerative Therapy Use Cases

For older people especially former athletes, that chronic backache could stand in the way of your everyday life. As the chronic back pain experienced with aging usually results from spinal cord injury, inflammations, and degenerative defects; cellular spinal therapy has been identified as an effective regenerative medical practice to restore the proper functioning spinal tissues.

Aging results in a loss of some essential cell proteins required for maintaining healthy bones and joints. This results in severe joint aches, stiffness, and swellings that might make normal daily functioning tedious and uncomfortable. It is not any more comforting to find that aging offsets the body’s natural healing mechanism for chronic diseases and injuries. Cellular joint therapy has therefore been employed as a regenerative technique for restoring damaged joint tissues by fostering the tissue’s natural healing mechanism.

For athletes especially, it is common the knees get bad and sore with age. Cellular knee therapy would improve the body’s natural ability to restore the healthy functioning of the knees even at old age.

You can bet that weightlifters might experience severe shoulder in old age that might make even daily activities unpalatable. And if you are a retired weight-lifter, you don’t have to live with that constant shoulder pain. Cellular shoulder therapy would get your aching shoulder fixed with its safe, comfortable, and effective regenerative medical procedure.

For tennis players, some develop traumas, ‘tennis elbows’ or other injuries to the tissues of the elbow joint, and this becomes more likely with aging as the body loses its natural healing ability. Cellular elbow therapy is just the excellent regenerative medicine for ‘tennis elbows’ and those severe or mild elbow pains and injuries.

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