Knee Osteoarthritis or Injury Joint Regeneration

Knee Osteoarthritis & Injury Joint Regeneration PREVENT Surgery with Knee Joint Regeneration Injections

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None to 1-3 Days

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45 Min

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Healing the Knee Joint with Orthobiologics — Our Approach to Joint Health Recovery

Our clinic offers injections with orthobiologics — a minimally invasive solution to repair cartilage due to osteoarthritis and chronic injuries of the knee. We can help you heal the knee joint pain, and drastically improve the quality of your life so that you can resume doing the activities you love.

Orthobiologics are natural substances that contain healing proteins, growth factors, cytokines and multiple other components that are necessary to create a healing environment within the entire joint tissue. They are harnessed to aid in the treatment of various orthopedic injuries or conditions. They may be used to restore cartilage, stimulate joint restoration and healing, eliminate pain and inflammation, and improve joint function.

Orthobiologics may be obtained from your own body or from a healthy donor. They are normally administered in the form of injections. They may be used alone as a conservative treatment or following orthopedic surgery to enhance results. Orthobiologics are successfully used in knee joint rehabilitation therapies worldwide.

Additionally we can help you become healthier through functional and integrative medicine for joint patients, for example: making adjustments to your body composition, nutrition, physical activity, and more.

In our clinic we treat the root cause of the joint pain by restoring the damaged tissue and improving the knee joint function. We do not advocate the common approach that still relies on masking joint pain by administering nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), pain killers, chondroprotectors and corticosteroid injections. Instead we help you and your body jump-start the natural ability of your body to repair and heal itself.

Cost of Therapies

Please note: all of therapies involving orthobiologics are not covered by insurance. Radiology is normally covered by your insurance provider.

Treatment Fees

Your Initial Visit

We start with the initial consultation and physical exam. We can order necessary x-rays or MRIs for you. You can bring your recent radiology images and reports with you. Please request your reports from your provider prior to coming in. Radiology is normally covered by your insurance provider.

We only accept patients with stage 1 to 3 osteoarthritis or not recently evaluated patients that would like to see if they are a good candidate for the minimally-invasive joint restoration solutions.

Fee: $150

Therapy with Blood Derived Growth Factors (PRP, PRF, GFC)

Depending on the knee condition we may offer blood-derived growth factor-based injections for the knee joint. It usually takes several treatments to achieve the full results. The treatment product is prepared from your own donated blood component that is rich in growth factors. The product is injected into the target area to jump-start and facilitate the joint healing.

Fee: $600 one knee or $1100 both knees per treatment session

Therapy with Advanced Orthobiologics (Wharton's Jelly Products, Exosomes, Cytosomes)

In the case of a more severe osteoarthritis or chronic injury, we may offer an advanced orthobiologics treatment consisting of several orthobiologics components. The solution may consist of your own blood products and donated orthobiologics products rich in potent growth factors, healing proteins and signalers that jump-start and assist in joint healing.

Fee: $2000—$6000 per joint based the cost of components being used

What is osteoarthritis of the knee joint?

Osteoarthritis is a progressive degeneration of the joint that may lead to a disability if it becomes severe. There are several stages of the knee joint degenerative condition. The minor stage affects the soft tissues such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscles, which become inflamed, swollen, shortened, and the affected person can begin to feel pain. As the condition progresses, the changes in the bone become noticeable such as bone spurs and bone deformities, the range of motion is greatly reduced until the joint is no longer functional.

Knee osteoarthritis can be divided into two types, primary and secondary. Primary osteoarthritis is articular degeneration without any apparent underlying reason. Secondary osteoarthritis is the consequence of either an abnormal concentration of force across the joint as with post-traumatic causes or abnormal articular cartilage, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

FAQ about Orthobiologics

Orthobiologics have been developed thanks to the recent biotechnological and medical advances. They work in the body by initiating the healing cascades, supplying proteins and healing growth factors to the joint. Our bodies naturally contain these products that help us overcome various injuries and stay healthy. As we age our bodies produce less of these products, and the delivery of these products to the affected joints is greatly diminished as well. By introducing orthobiologics locally with an injection we can achieve the necessary concentration of healing proteins and growth factors to restart the reparative process.

After the treatment, the patient will soon notice an improvement in the form of reduction of joint inflammation and tissue swelling, the pain will gradually subside, and the range of motion will start to improve as well. This indicates that the therapy is working and the joint begins to heal.

It depends on the condition of your knee joint, and how well you respond to the treatment. Patients with more serious stages of the condition may expect several follow up treatments.

You can expect a very long term improvement of the joint if you are the right candidate for our procedures and follow recommendations. Patients that undergo these treatments enjoy a great improvement in the quality of life and can go back to being fully physically active in their lives, whether it’s work, hobbies or professional sports.

The cost of the procedures varies greatly so it’s important to get fully evaluated to receive a quote. Some of the items that affect the cost are:

  • the number of joints being treated,
  • the severity of the condition,
  • the total number of treatments needed,
    and the types and dosages of Orthobiologics being injected.

As long as the procedure is performed correctly, there should be no serious side effects nor significant downtime associated with the procedure. It is normal to experience some worsening of the pain, inflammation or swelling for a few days after the procedure because of the way the orthobiologics work.

Knee Joint Degeneration Stages

Stage 0 to Stage 4 Explained

It’s important to look out for the signs of arthritis, even if you think you’re not at risk — despite popular belief, even young people can suffer from it. That is why it’s important to catch osteoarthritis early so it can be treated. Knee osteoarthritis is no exception, so let’s take a look at each of its “stages” and the associated symptoms.

Stage 0 – Normal Stage 1 – Minor Stage 2 – Mild Stage 3 – Moderate Stage 4 – Severe

Stage 0 – Normal

When the knee shows no signs of osteoarthritis, it is classified as Stage 0, which is normal knee health, with no known impairment or signs of joint damage.

Stage 1 – Minor

Stage 1 OA patients will develop very minor wear & tear and bone spur growths at the end of the knee joints. However, at this stage it is unlikely you will feel pain or discomfort.

Stage 2 – Mild

In Stage 2, diagnostic images or X-rays of knee joints will show more bone spur growth, and though the space between the bones appear normal, people will begin experiencing symptoms of joint pain. Typically, the area around the knee joints will feel stiff and uncomfortable, particularly when sitting for an extended period, after rising in the morning, or after a workout. Though the cartilage and soft tissues remains at a healthy size, there is proteolytic breakdown of the cartilage matrix from an increased production of enzymes, such as metalloproteinases.

Stage 3 – Moderate

Stage 3 is referred to as “moderate”, where there is obvious erosion to the cartilage surface between bones and fibrillation narrows the gap between the bones. There are proteoglycan and collagen fragments released into the synovial fluid as the disease progresses, wherein the bones develop spurs at the joints as it becomes rougher. With the progression of osteoarthritis of the knee, there is obvious joint inflammation which causes frequent pain when walking, running, squatting, extending or kneeling. Along with joint stiffness after sitting for long or when waking up in the morning, there may be popping or snapping sounds when walking.

Stage 4 – Severe

Stage 4 is considered to be severe. In stage 4 the joint space between the bones are considerably reduced, causing the cartilage to wear off, leaving the joint stiff. The breakdown of cartilage leads to a chronic inflammatory response, with decreased synovial fluid that causes friction, greater pain and discomfort when walking or moving the joint. There is increased production of synovial metalloproteinases, cytokines and TNF that can diffuse back into the cartilage to destroy soft tissue around the knee. The advanced stage of the disease shows development of more spurs causing excruciating pain, which makes even everyday chores, including walking and descending stairs a challenge.

Why Choose Vista Wellness MD

To us, health is important for optimal performance. We prefer to work on the whole individual, because if we’re healthy inside, we’ll be healthy outside and age a little slower as well. Our clinician has years of experience with treating joint injuries and conditions that may affect your ability to function normally.

Combining our interests in optimal healthcare for our patients with extensive experience in Non-Surgical Knee Joint Restoration Techniques, having performed thousands of procedures, we should be your first call for restoring health and function of your joints.

When needed, we also use specialized equipment such as ultrasound to help place the growth factors in just the right location. Our clinician has performed thousands of procedures, and the entire procedure, from start to finish, is performed in one hour at our state-of the-art office in West Palm Beach.

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Revolutionary medicine is finally available to everyone! It can help repair and reverse years of knee, hip, shoulder and back damages and joint degeneration. Our therapy is safe, natural, and it’s administered by our certified medical professional. The therapy session usually takes less than 45 minutes. The improvement begins right away. Repair damaged ligaments, tendons, and cartilage using our orthopedic injections.

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