BOTOX Hair Restoration Treatments

BOTOX Hair Restoration Treatments

Botox For Hair Loss Treatment

Reduce Hair Thinning with Botox Injections

Botox for hair restoration in West Palm Beach is a medical therapy treatment that is designed to enhance the strength and appearance of hair. BOTOX injections into the scalp have been proven to relax the scalp muscles, enhance blood flow and increase the delivery of nutrients to the hair thus increasing hair density. However, the injections are only effective if the hair follicles are still alive and able to grow hair.

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How does BOTOX work for hair growth?

To increase the efficacy of the Botox formulation for hair loss clinician may combine the injections with other treatments and products or use as a stand alone treatment. The specific action that the treatment is most suitable for androgenic alopecia and scalp tension alopecia, which are a leading medical cause of hair loss.

Ultimately a course of injections taken two to three times a year is said to reduce scalp tension through the increased blood circulation, which helps to improve the level of nutrients in the tissue surrounding the hair follicles, reactivating hair growth.

Intralesional injections of BOTOX can be used as a treatment for Alopecia Areata. Potential points of action of this treatment include changes in neurotransmitters, which either directly or via neuroimmunologic mechanisms influence cytocines that are responsible for the hair growth arrest in alopecia areata.

Botox Hair Restoration Treatment

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Maintain hair growth with two to three treatments per year.

We successfully use BOTOX for hair growth in our West Palm Beach based practice. What makes BOTOX hair restoration treatment particularly appealing is that it can help hair regrowth with just a few treatments per year. Our clinician also advises to include popular prescription products like Nutrafol, Minoxidil and Propecia to boost hair follicles reactivation. BOTOX can prevent further hair loss and encourage new hair growth.

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